Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tentative 2008 Tryout Schedule

Here are the dates for spring 2008 try outs. This year instead of 1 2 day event, we're going to have 2 one day events, and one training weekend after selections for the NASC. We've made this change in an effort to resolve graduation conflicts. There is no single day or location that's good for all the colleges in MARFU, providing two separate dates should help mitigate the problem. Players may go to either open tryout, or both. Players are not limited to the tryout in their region, both dates are open for everyone.

May 11th: Open tryout #1; James Madison University, Virginia Rugby Union, 9:30 - 4:00
May 18th: Open tryout #2; Potomac Rugby Union (exact pitch location TBD), 9:30 - 4:00
May 19th: Selections announced for NASC.
May 31st: Team Prep & Match; Philadelphia PA, Morning practice; afternoon match vs MARFU Senior Developmental.
June 10th - 15th: National All Star Championships.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Scrummaging clinic at James Madison University

The MARFU U23 Head Coach, Lisa Rosen, will be conducting a scrummaging clinic on Sunday, Feb 10th at James Madison University. Registration will be at 9:45 AM; the clinic will start at 10 AM and go until 2 PM.

This clinic will be open to all female U23 and U19 players.

This scrummaging clinic will cover a variety of areas - core strength, balance, agility and strength for scrummaging, specific roles of the 8, 2, and flankers, pre-engagement setup, engagement and post engagement techniques, application of pressure, and secondary drive.

Groups that advance quickly will have an opportunity to work on wheeling and channeling techniques.

Coaches and player-coaches are strongly encouraged to attend.

The methods and the communication system introduced is the same that will be used with the MARFU U23 side, so players with those aspirations (1-8) will benefit tremendously from attendance.

Players are asked to donate $5 each to cover the cost of travel/equipment - if this is an issue please contact Lisa directly.

If a team brings their entire pack and numbers permit, we will be happy to train you as a unit.

Assisting Lisa will be several USA Women's National Team pool players and MARFU Senior Select Side players, all fully trained in the techniques we will be teaching you.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to Roshna Wunderlich or Lisa Rosen - Coaches with questions, please contact Lisa directly.

Female U19 players as well as U23 players are welcome to attend. Directions will be posted on the VRU website shortly.