Thursday, April 30, 2009

MARFU U-23 Selection and Training Camp Details

The Midatlantic RFU Women's Under 23 program, defending USA Rugby National All Star Champions from 2007 and 2008, announces the Selection and Training Camp for 2009.

MAY 23 - 24 - Selection camp & matches: open, University of Maryland. Detailed directions to the University and the Field will be provided ON THIS PAGE and on ON THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

Saturday May 23th we will introduce the tools and tactics that the team will use in a competitive format. Two-three teams will be identified and two - three 60 minute matches will be played on Sunday May 24th. Selections for the 2009 National All Star Championship team will be made at this venue, with consideration of various previous venues.


Sign in/set up 9:00 - 9:30
Warmup/introductions 9:30 - 10:00
Training I 10:00 - 12:30, lunch 12:30 - 1:30
Training II 1:30 - 4:00

At end of training coaches will break players into scrimmage teams for Sunday. Depending on turnout, 2-3 scrimmage teams will be assembled.

Game prep and warmup 9:30 - 11:00
First game 11:00 - 12:00
Second game 12:10 - 1:10
Third game 1:10 - 2:10 (tentative).
Cool down and wrap up 2:10 - 2:30.

All efforts will be made to find local lodging for players and eliminate any costs.

May 26- Selection deadline. All players will be notified of selections no later than May 26.

June 9 - June 14 - USA Rugby U-23 National All Star Championship, Pittsburg, PA

The MARFU U23 squad will assemble in Pittsburg PA late in the day on Tuesday June 9th. The team will train together Wed and Thursday. Friday MARFU will play the Northeast U23 team. Sunday MARFU U23 will play either the Midwest U23 or the Pacific Coast U23s.

Players competing to represent MARFU should be fit, have a fundamental grasp of general rugby skills, and be highly competitive players who thrive in a team environment. Eligible players are CIPP registered members of MARFU born on or after January 2, 1986.

RSVP for camps are recommended but not required. If you intend on attending the the MARFU U23 event or if you have any questions, please contact one of the below individuals or join and RSVP through the MARFU U-23 Facebook Group, where training info is also available if needed.

Lisa Rosen, Head Coach -
Emily Sabato, Manager -

Every effort has been made to work around graduation conflicts, but we understand that exceptional circumstances may impact individual players. If you are unable to attend the selection camp but wish to be considered for the 2009 team, please contact Lisa directly.

Monday, April 27, 2009

MARFU U-23 Rugby Workshop: Evasive runnng, playmaking, and open field support

Host: MARFU U-23 Women's Rugby All Stars
Date: Sunday, May 10, 2009
Location: American University
City: Washington DC
Contact Phone: 215 421 1823
Email Contact:

Player will learn evasive running, playmaking, and open field support skills, designed to help create more line breaks, better decision making ball in hand, and support running skills. Support skills help convert line breaks to trys.

This workshop is appropriate for players in ALL positions and at all levels (it will not be a high contact session so younger players are encouraged to join in. This workshop is open to all U20 and U23 eligible players (born after Jan 2, 1986), collegiate and high school.

Since this is Mothers day, the workshop will start early and conclude by noon so players may celebrate with their families.

All coaches are welcome and can apply for one USA Rugby continuing coach education credit for attending.

Players and coaches are encouraged to RSVP via email or through the Facebook invite, however RSVP is not required for attendance. Please bring your own water and tape if you need it.

Directions will be posted on both the Facebook invite and the MARFU U23 Women's All Star Blog

For more information, contact Lisa Rosen, MARFU U23 Head Coach, at, or 215 421-1823

Sunday, April 26, 2009

MARFU U-23 DEV go 3 and 1 at DC Ruggerfest

This weekend the MARFU Under 23 Developmental team competed in the Capitol City Ruggerfet, in Washington DC. The team played 3 club sides (Chesapeake- D2, Maryland Stingers - D1, and Furies B - Premier), and one touring side (Back in Black). Players represented 11 different teams in the Mid Atlantic RFU.

Teams were broken into 4 pools of 4, and pool play commenced on Saturday with the following results:

MARFU U23 Dev v Chesapeake (10-0, W)
MARFU U23 Dev v Stingers (27-14, W)
MARFU U23 Dev v Furies Gold (63-0, W).

MARFU placed first in their pool and qualified for the semifinals against Back in Black, a womens touring side made up mostly of select side and national team players from the 80s and 90s (instead of positional numbers, they wear the year they were born on their backs). Back in Black has won their division every year the tournament has been played in my memory, and make the smarted and fastest decisions ever. So the semifinals pitted the crafty, experienced, but slightly aged "old girls" against the fast, and feisty "Young 'FU"). FUN FACT: One of Back in Black's players had the joy of competing against her daughter, on the MARFU U23 Dev side.

MARFU did a great job in the first half, trading tries with Back and Black and going into the half behind a penalty kick and a try, 22-14. MARFU dominated in scrums, played hard and physical at the tackle contest, and played excellent man to man defense, But Back in Black, wily vets that they are, figured out how to exploit our slower reaction time. After the half, it was clear that they had identified our weaknesses, and exploit them they did, moving the ball very quickly into space on penalties, and using their ability to deliver long, accurate passes lightning fast from the break down to isolate our defenders and outflank the defense. The second half saw MARFU shut out and 3 unconverted trys by Back and Black, for a final score of 37-14.

The tournament, as a developmental event, was a rousing success - each game the team's cohesiveness and teamwork showed improvement, and each individual player improved. From the Friday orientation practice (with a short session on breakdown skills by Eamonn Hogan) to the semi final game, there was continual learning. Though it was certainly tough to lose the semi, it was a tremendous learning experience, and hopefully everyone takes away from it how important foundation skills are.

The youth of this team (birth years indicated below) shows great thing ahead for the program, and will surely create a very competitive selection environment for the May 23-24 tryout. It's worth noting that only two players are NASC veterans from last year.

Next on the schedule is a workshop, May 10th, 9am-12pm, at American University, on playmaking, evasive running, and open field support. After that is open tryouts May 23-24 at the University of Maryland (tentative). I'm looking forward to both and I hope the enthusiasm generated by this tournament brings out MARFU players in droves.

Two players were given the "Spark" award for saturday and sunday. Unlike an MVP award, this award singles out a player who's actions energize their teammates and provide a spark that results in everyone stepping up.

Hannah Bennet - Drexel (scrumhalf) - 89 SPARK WINNER FOR SATURDAY
Elaine Bigelow - Princeton (back row)- 88
Loretta Charles- George Washington (back row) - 87
Rebecca DeMoor - Philly Women - 86
Mia Escobar - 87- Drexel (front row) - 87
Tanya Gouws - University of Maryland (center) - 88
Liz Hilliard - American (front row) - 89
Katie Hunt - Temple - (back row) - 87
Ugochi Madubata - Princeton (lock, back row) - 87
Danielle Monica - Temple (wing) - 87 MARFU 2008 NASC VET
Shantel Nelson - American (wing) - 89
Trish Nowlan - George Washington (front row) - 89
Kate Rada - Westchester (flyhalf) - 89
Kaitlyn Rooney- American -(back row) - 89
Nicki Scheurch - Temple (fullback, wing) - 87
Moira Somerdyk - Temple (center) -88 CAPTAIN and MARFU NASC 2008 VET
Hannah Strayer - West Shore United High School - 91
Molly Walter - Mary Washington( front row) - 88
Angela Yue - Princeton (wing) - 89

* indicates MARFU NASC Veteran

Special thanks to American University and George Washington University for allowing their players to participate at very short notice, to Eamonn Hogan for the great session on Friday night, to Emily Sabato, our manager, and to Roshna Wunderlich, my fabulous assistant coach.

Lisa Rosen
Head Coach, MARFU U23