Monday, May 19, 2008

2008 MARFU U-23 Pool

Congratulations to the following players. These athletes will represent the MARFU U23 All Stars on May 31th in matches against the NRU and MARFU Senior Developmental teams, in preparation for the 2008 National All Star Championship.

At that time players will be further identified for the MARFU U23 NASC team, and for the territorial development team. Players were identified at a variety of events, including the LAU Round Robin Tournament, the MARFU U23 Developmental Team, Sunday's Open Tryouts, and the National Championship tournament.

Alison Worman - Penn State
Alli Dolan - Philadelphia Women
Amber "Sass" Morgan - Virginia Tech
Annie Zeigler - Penn State
Blythe Hagen - Brandywine Women
Brittany Rineman - Shippensburg
Danielle Monica - Temple
Dominique Bunai - Virginia Tech
Heather Stephenson - Brandywine Women
Julie Swavola - James Madison
Kara Bodison - Penn State
Kate Daley - Penn State
Katie "TK" Hallinan - Philadelphia Women
Katy Black - Westchester
Katy Welter (injured reserve) - Georgetown
Kerilee "KL" Shuey - Shippensburg
Kristen Snyder - Penn State
Lauren Rosso - Penn State
Lauren Waltz - Princeton
Lisa Hrunka - Shippensburg
Maria "MR" Muscara - LaSalle
Megan "Chuggs" Godfrey - Westchester
Megan Newton - James Madison
Melissa Hutchison - Shippensburg
Meral Kanik - Penn State
Moira Somerdyk - Temple
Monique McQueen - Virginia Tech
Natalie Monroig - Shippensburg
Nicole "Vegan" Coffineau - Virginia Tech
Sara Shanley - Virginia Commonwealth
Sherilyn Villa - American
Steph Burkhardt - Westchester
Steph Petrides - American

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