Monday, June 15, 2009

MARFU U23 takes 3rd at 2009 NASC - Part 2 of at least 3

So ... Friday was rough. We got out of our hotel a bit (we needed it bad) and enjoyed a nice family dinner at "Kings", complete with an Angry Mob and 28 spoons.

And Saturday we regrouped. We slept in, did a nice pool recovery session, and reviewed some of our most prominent technical and tactical issues. Since Northeast pretty much kicked our ass with a kicking game, we knew we needed to sort that out.

Coach Kate Nichol was a huge asset, walking the back row and back triangle players through their running lines, and looking at the details via coded video. Each unit spent some time in front of the computer, and out to training we went.

We worked on our kick counter kick game, our team defense, pattern of play, and did a little work with the forwards on body position and channel 1 tools.

Q-Doba, a fantastic rookie skit, and time for bed. Everyone wanted a victory pretty badly, and with our large roster we were able to rest some dinged up players and let some fresh legs give us an extra jolt. The turnaround was tremendous - while we still have a way to go as a team, the improvement from Friday to Sunday was nothing less than stupendous. Our counterattack and kicking game was one of the strongest aspects of play, out tries game from big team efforts and persistance to the pattern, and the final try of the game was inspirational (though Hutch, Natalie, Moira, and Danielle will argue about exactly WHO was responsible for the inspiration.

Match Roster is below, scroll down for the video.

1. Kristin Lucas (UVA)
2. Maddie Kriebal (Westchester)
3. Molly Walter (Mary Washington)
4. Betsy "B-Train" McCracken (Nova U19)
5. Ugochi Madubata (Princeton)
6. Monique McQueen (Virginia Commonwealth)
7. Kaitlyn Rooney (American)
8. Laura Miller (St Mary's College of Maryland
9. Hannah Bennet (Drexel)
10. Kate Rada (Westchester)
11. Jess Weiss (DC Furies)
12. Tanya Gouws (University of Maryland)
13. Moira Sommerdyk (Temple)
14. Danielle Monica (Temple)
15. Meg Lamm (Westchester


Monique Compito for Monique McQueen
Melissa Hutchinson (Shippensburg) for Kate Rada
Sara Shanely (Virginia Commonwealth) for Bennett
Sara Glick (Westcheter) for Kriebel - Lucas to 2
Mary Bocchino (Westchester) for McCracken (Miller to 5, Rooney to 8)
Emily Refsnyder (Westchester) for Madubata
Natalie Monroig (Shippensburg) for Lamm

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